Who Is Sharpline Detailing?

Your source for high-end auto detailing in Southern Illinois!

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Quality takes time. There is nothing quick about our work as we place your satisfaction and a quality job as our number one priority. Truth is, perfection does not exist, but we strive for it on every job. Whether it's a mini van or a Corvette, all of my heart and passion goes into each job just the same because I treat every vehicle as if it were my own. The difference is in the details.

My name is John Norton and I am the sole owner and operator of Sharpline Detailing located in Christopher, IL. If cheap work is what you are looking for, you can always find someone cheaper. What you won't find is someone who does it better than us at the reasonable price we offer our services at.

This whole thing started as just a hobby for me; always detailing my car and going to car shows on the weekend. More and more people started asking me for advice or what kind of products I used, so I decided to turn a passionate hobby into a business. It's all worth it in the end when I see the owner of their vehicle smile. I don't sell details, I sell smiles.

Why Choose Sharpline Detailing?

Only fully trained, licensed, insured, professional, and passionate staff will ever work on your vehicle. Without a doubt, there are several companies and individuals who claim to offer detailing services. However, the quality offered by such can vary dramatically. Since Sharpline Detailing was started, we have worked hard to offer the best in automotive detailing, combined with first class customer service. Below are just some of the reasons why choosing us will ensure you get the best results:

  • Passion – Sharpline Detailing was founded on a true love for automobiles and we have a real excitement for working on them and making them shine!

  • Openness – We are completely open about what we do and are more than happy to answer any questions you have throughout the process.


  • Professional – Unlike many amateur detailers who are neither licensed nor insured and offer to work on your car, Sharpline Detailing is a well-established, professionally run automotive detailing company that is fully licensed, trained, and insured.

  • Member IDA - Committed to professionalism, customers, the detailing industry, and the environment.

Value of A Sharpline Detail

  • Support and Advice – We provide free, continued detailing support and advice to all clients.

  • Knowledge – With a background in Automotive Collision Technology, we possess a technical understanding of every aspect of a car's finish. Naturally, vehicles are made from many different materials, and they all require their own specific type of treatment and understanding.

  • Driven By Details – We produce guaranteed high quality results for a fixed price and are not time limited; we only work on one vehicle at a time.

  • Not All Detailing Is the Same – Many companies claim to provide "detailing" but very few can deliver it to a high standard. Sharpline Detailing invests considerable passion, knowledge and time into all our work.

  • Added Value – Not only in terms of look, but long term re-sale value.


  • Equipment and Products – From high-tech paint sealants, ceramic coatings, paint thickness gauges, and the best compounds and polishes, we have invested many thousands of dollars to ensure we provide you with the best results possible.

  • Experience – Sharpline Detailing has spent years honing our craft and this is reflected in the quality of work we produce.

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